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​​​​​​​​Services that are

offered on LLC :

Phone and Chat readings are

$1.99 USD Per Minute. 

(Available on our "Home" page

as well as our "Our Psychic's"

page on this site.


E-mail reading's are available

as well!

To receive an E-mail reading simply click on the

"Buy Now" button of your choice below and then E-mail with your questions.  Once payment confirmation is received you will receive an email with the answers to your questions within 24 hours.

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Spiritual Work/ Meditation

​​Spiritual Work / Meditation Work also available.  Please contact at for a more in depth description of what the work  can offer for you. To make an appointment please text  4148971232

Our Price List:

Please check "Our Hours" page to make sure that we are open before submitting a payment! We will not refund money (only re-schedule a new time) if payments are made after our hours!!!

psychicintime - LLC | Accurate psychic readings